Introduction to Thematic Analysis

Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke will provide an introduction to thematic analysis, with a particular focus on the reflexive approach they have developed, as a technique for analysing qualitative data. They will highlight some of the key characteristics and strengths of thematic analysis, and provide an overview of key phases in the analytic process.

This webinar will be suitable both for researchers new to thematic analysis and those wishing to develop further skills in this method.

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About the Presenters

Virginia Braun and Victoria Clarke developed an approach to thematic analysis, now known as reflexive thematic analysis, that they first wrote about in 2006 in the journal Qualitative Research in Psychology. This paper now has over 130,000 Google Scholar citations and has had a profound impact on the landscape of qualitative research.

They have since written numerous papers, books chapters, commentaries, editorials, and encyclopaedia entries about thematic analysis and most recently have published the book Thematic Analysis: A Practical Guide (2022, Sage). Their website provides links to all the resources they have created for thematic analysis.

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