Best Practices in the Design and Use of Field Evaluation Instruments

Social work programs currently have a lot of discretion in how they design and implement their field evaluation instruments. However, programs haven’t always feel that freedom. As a result, some programs are still basing their field evaluations on old rules and expectations. This session will talk about the different options for Field Evaluation instruments, and participants can share their own positive and negative experiences in their practice.

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About the Presenters

Kathryn Krase is a social worker, lawyer, researcher and educator. Kathryn has been a member of the SWEAP Team for the past 10 years, currently serving as the Chief Financial Officer. Over the past 20 years, Kathryn has served in full-time and part-time faculty roles at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral level of social work programs. She has served in administrative roles as Field Placement Coordinator, Assessment Coordinator, Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Masters Program Director, and Associate Dean. Kathryn has supported hundreds of social work programs through successful initial accreditation and reaffirmation through her role with SWEAP, as well as private consultation services.

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