Mixed Methods Research with NVivo

This webinar will focus on how to maximise the capabilities of NVivo for conducting mixed methods research, and specifically for analysing the textual responses to open ended-questions embedded within a survey. The webinar will include: using text searches to help with automatic coding; the importance of stop words; refining your coding; using crosstab queries to analyse links between codes and attributes; the importance of understanding the structure of your data. The aim is to provide a very practical insight into the use of Nvivo. Examples will be drawn from a project that has analysed qualitative responses from 185 individuals aged 50 who wrote about their imagined future life at age 60.

Webinar Details

About the Presenters

Jane Elliott is a sociologist who has been using software packages to aid the analysis of qualitative data for around thirty years. She has a particular interest in combining qualitative and quantitative approaches to analysis and the use of narrative as a research tool. Her current work focusses on successful ageing, wellbeing in mid life and planning for the future.

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