Better Together: Online Qualitative Design, Data Collection, and Analysis

Maximizing effectiveness, efficiency, and insight by making the most of your qualitative research data

In this webinar, Dr. Janet Salmons, an online qualitative research leader will discuss options, implications, and ethical ways to use technology in your research, plus the design decisions online researchers must make when collecting qualitative data from participants.

Following the discussion, qualitative research software leaders itracks and NVivo join forces to help you increase efficiency, streamline workflow, and gain deeper insight in your next online qualitative research project.

As more researchers than ever move to online tools for both data collection and analysis, it’s time to embrace the innovations that dedicated Qualitative Research Software brings to the industry and break down the silos between the planning, data collection and analysis stages.

Join itracks’ Leon Bourner, NVivo’s Stacy Penna, and online qualitative research leader Dr. Janet Salmons, SAGE Publishing, as they demonstrate:

  • How to make important research design designs for online qualitative research
  • How to securely centralize the consent, communications, and project management of your next qualitative research project
  • How to build and upload discussion guides for easy stimulus launching and structural consistency throughout focus groups and interviews
  • How to plan your focus group, interview, or asynchronous discussion board project for seamless transition to data analysis
  • How to analyze insights from your audio, video, and transcript reporting outputs through automated coding, comparison diagrams, word clouds, and more

Webinar Details

About the Presenters

Dr. Janet Salmons, Research Community Manager for SAGE Methodspace, is a qualitative methodologist and author of 12 books, including: Doing Qualitative Research Online 2nd edition (2022), What Kind of Researcher Are You? (2021), Reframing and Rethinking Collaboration in Higher Education and Beyond: A Practical Guide for Doctoral Students and Early Career Researchers with Narelle Lemon (2021), Publishing from your Doctoral Research: Create and Use a Publication Strategy with Helen Kara (2020), Learning to Collaborate, Collaborating to Learn (2019), Find the Theory in Your Research (2019), and Getting Data Online (2019).

Dr. Salmons received a B.S. in Adult and Community Education from Cornell University; an M.A. in Social Policy Studies from the SUNY Empire State College, and a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies and Educational Leadership at the Union Institute & University. She lives and works in Boulder, Colorado.

Leon Bourner, Director of Sales and Client Development, itracks: An award-winning client development professional, Leon has spent the past three years as Director, Sales and Client Development at itracks. In this time, he has helped hundreds of clients realize their qualitative research goals using dedicated online focus group, interview, and discussion board solutions. An integral part of itracks’ strategic direction, he helped launch itracks Realtime in early 2021. His and his team’s reception and translation of client feedback is a direct contributor to feature updates and the overall evolution of itracks solutions.

Stacy Penna, Customer Engagement and Enablement Director, LumiveroStacy has combined her educational and research experience with her work in the software industry and is delighted to be supporting and building a wider research community. Stacy earned a doctorate in education using NVivo for both her literature review and qualitative research. She has worked at QSR International, now Lumivero for 10 years and is excited for the future of research.

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