Free Webinar: Embodying the Change: How Culturally Responsive Evaluation, Anthropology, Abolition, and Emergent Strategy Guide my Practice Before and After Projects Launch

This webinar is part of the Culturally Responsive Research Webinar Series presented by NVivo and SAGE Publications.

In this session Dr. Aisha Rios shares the ways she integrates critical theories and practices—from culturally responsive evaluation, anthropology, abolition theory and organizing, and emergent strategy—into her work before and after learning and evaluation projects launch. Her commitment to social justice and movement organizing compel her to seek out opportunities to resist and disrupt, as well as embody alternative, liberatory futures. She will describe how she engages in subversive practices through project selection and during the early stages of planning and design. What this looks like in practice is harnessing the opportunity, when potential projects do not demonstrate a clear commitment to culturally responsive practice, to build this into proposals rather accepting what people and organizations request or present as a given. After projects are in motion, this means building in dedicated time to learn and center local knowledges, practices, histories, and questions and build relationships with people, because she believes this should inform and support all phases of evaluation. Finally, she offers analytical memos as a tool to document and analyze contextual information.


Dr. Aisha Rios is the Founder and Learning & Change Strategist at Coactive Change. In her role, she partners with change agents working to dismantle systems of oppression and create more just, liberatory futures. What this looks like in practice is slower paced, reflective, and contextually grounded learning and evaluation projects where she provides thought partnership, creative facilitation, and strategic guidance. She relies on approaches and methodologies that center collective knowledge and collaboration—rather than solely relying on her knowledge and experience— because she believes that learning does not happen in isolation but in partnership with those working in the field to advance social justice change.

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