On-Demand Webinar: How to Become a More Productive Scholar

Some scholars are highly productive. They break new ground and do it again and again. Their names and ideas are ubiquitous in scientific journals and scholarly books. They scoff at publish or perish. To them, its publish and flourish. But, how? How are they so productive? This webinar explains how they do it and how you can do it too.

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About the Presenter

Kenneth A. Kiewra is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and studies teaching, learning, and talent development. Recent achievements include his listing among the Top 2% of the Most Cited Researchers Worldwide, receiving his university system’s highest honor for teaching, publishing his fifth book, SOAR to College Success and Beyond (Cognella, 2022), and being featured in Contemporary Pioneers in Teaching and Learning. His forthcoming book is The Productive Scholar: How the Experts Do It, with Cambridge University Press. Kiewra has made more than 500 presentations to university and community groups. His website is: https://cehs.unl.edu/kiewra/

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