Tips for Writing an Academic Textbook

This webinar takes a look at some practical issues related to book writing in academia, including about (1) leveraging the long-term benefits of doing it, (2) shaping an idea for a book, (3) pitching a book to a publisher, and (4) laying the groundwork to write a book. It dispels some myths about skills required for book writing, including that it requires exceptional writing skills, while underscoring the skills and commitment it does require.

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About the Presenter

Elizabeth Creamer is professor emerita from the School of Education at Virginia Tech where she dodged administrative roles while serving as a faculty member, first in Women’s Studies and, secondly, in educational research for thirty-five years. A prolific writer, she is the author of more than 100 research articles and five books, including most recently Advancing Grounded Theory with Mixed Methods Research.

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