Using Archived Qualitative Data

Archived qualitative data, such as oral histories or data from prior research studies, present an underutilized resource with potential to yield rich, relevant, and insightful findings. This webinar focuses on challenges and opportunities associated with use of archived data to inform qualitative research. The broad array of archived data makes a range of qualitative approaches viable, although use of available archived data might require creative and flexible thinking by researchers. Benefits include efficient re-use of existing resources and reduction of participant burden. The range of available qualitative archives, analysis alternatives, and ethical considerations will be discussed in general, and in the context of a worked example based on data from the Kent State University May 4 archives.

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About the Presenters

Sheryl L. Chatfield is Associate Professor in the College of Public Health at Kent State University and Co-coordinator of the Kent State Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research. She has conducted qualitative and mixed methods research in a variety of health-promotion and prevention research topics including physical activity, infection prevention, and adolescent mental health. She has also contributed multiple articles and chapters on qualitative and mixed methods research practice and instructional strategies. Sheryl is Senior Editor of TQR: The Qualitative Report and was recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Ohio Journal of Public Health.

Charles Vanover is Associate Professor in Educational Leadership at the University of South Florida. Beyond Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Research, Charles is co-editing a book on assessing performance-based research that examines “Chicago Butoh,” a film and a set of live performances he developed with Bob Devin Jones, the artistic director at St Petersburg’s The Studio@620.

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