On demand webinar: Best Practices in Qualitative Research on Sensitive Topics

Researchers are constantly investigating a broad range of topics to enhance understanding of issues that affect health and well-being. Qualitative social science research into sensitive or emotionally charged areas such as crime and victimization, justice research and evaluation, and sexual abuse is important but can also raise concerns for both the researcher and the respondent.

In this panel webinar discussion, we focus on best practices in qualitative data collection for social science research on sensitive topics, like:
  • Balancing transparent research with protecting participants’ identity and sensitive details
  • Mandatory reporting during the research process – balancing trust, confidentiality and civic duty
  • Responsibilities for the respondent if they need help/support
  • Support for researcher when involved in emotionally disturbing interviews
  • Approaches and solutions when ethical concerns are raised
  • Darby Steiger, Senior survey methodologist at Westat
  • Sarah Jalbert, Principal Associate, Abt Associates
  • Moderated by Silvana di Gregorio, PhD, Research Director, QSR International

Register below to view the webinar now.

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