Qualitative Data Analysis Beyond the Interview

There are many types of qualitative data to analyze beyond an interview transcript: observations, images, videos, social media, music, etc. Join qualitative methodologist, Dr. Veronica Richard, as she shares tips and strategies for managing multiple qualitative data sources and conducting three rounds of basic thematic analysis (initial coding, pattern coding, themeing). Analyzing qualitative data is essential for (1) refining future data collection to ensure you collect data aligned with your research questions and (2) writing up your findings. This webinar will help you turn an overwhelming process into a focused process. We guide you through the process of how to complete the various cycles of coding and identifying themes. We also help you manage your mindset to overcome limiting beliefs and gain confidence.

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About the Presenters

Veronica Richard received her Ph.D. (University of Northern Colorado, 2010) in Applied Statistical Research and Research Methods with a cognate in Reading. She has extensive training and experience in qualitative methodologies and methods and in literacy. Veronica is a reviewer for several journals, including Qualitative Research in Psychology, Emerging Adulthood, and the International Journal of Research and Methods in Education. She serves to give voice to those whose voice is traditionally discounted or silenced through investigating and practicing social, cultural and ethical pedagogy, research, and mentoring. Helping others navigate and gain confidence in scholarly discourse is one of her main goals.

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