Guide on How to Structure a Thesis, Report or Paper

Supervision sessions become more productive, and students are more independent in their writing – does this sound good? This webinar presents the Routledge book written by Robert P. Ormrod Ph.D, How to Structure a Thesis, Report or Paper: A guide for Students that addresses these issues. Over the past 20 years, Robert P. Ormrod Ph.D has developed a generic structure for a thesis, report or paper, along with a description of how to write and present different types of assignment, when the student should ask their supervisor for their supervisor’s own preferences, and when the student should take responsibility themselves. Robert’s students found it so useful that they encouraged him to write a book about it; this webinar presents that book and discusses the two, main advantages: that students become more independent in their writing, and that supervision sessions become more productive, leading to a greater focus on the topic and less time on getting the basics right. Everyone’s a winner!

About the Speaker

Robert P. Ormrod Ph.D has supervised hundreds of diploma, graduate and postgraduate students at Universities for almost 20 years. This supervision has primarily been of business school subjects, but Robert has also supervised and taught engineering students about stakeholder management and innovation. In this time, Robert developed a guide to structuring and writing theses, reports and papers, which his students encouraged him to write out in book form. So he did.

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