Free Webinar: What More Can I Do?: An Exploration of Critical Advocacy Research and Decision Points toward Culturally Responsive Research

This webinar is part of the Culturally Responsive Research Webinar Series presented by NVivo and SAGE Publications.

Research has the potential to change the current socio-political and cultural contexts toward a more racially equitable and just society. For example, research informs policies, law, programs and practice in order to address inequities. Critical advocacy research moves beyond mere documentation of oppression and hegemonic power and requires a commitment of the researcher to support and advocate for voices not always clearly heard. This session is a brief exploration of critical advocacy approaches and congruent methods that employ rigor as they hold promise to transform.


Penny A. Pasque is professor in Educational Studies and director of Qualitative Methods & QualLab for the College of Education and Human Ecology at The Ohio State University. Pasque is also editor of the Review of Higher Education, one of the leading research journals in the field. Her research addresses complexities in qualitative inquiry, in/equities in higher education, and dis/connections between higher education and society. She works with, and studies, qualitative methodologies that work toward social justice and educational equity. Pasque’s research has appeared in over 100 journal articles and books, including in The Journal of Higher Education, Qualitative Inquiry, The Review of Higher Education, Diversity in Higher Education, among others. Qualitative publications include Pasque, Qualitative inquiry in higher education organization and policy research (with Lechuga, Routledge), Critical qualitative inquiry: Foundations and futures (with Cannella, Salazar Pérez, Left Coast Press), Qualitative inquiry for equity in higher education: Methodological innovations, implications, and interventions (with Carducci, Kuntz & Gildersleeve, Jossey-Bass).

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