Free Webinar: Creative Ways to Visualize Qualitative Data

This webinar is part of the Qualitative Research & Innovation Webinar Series presented by NVivo and SAGE Publications.

Qualitative data offers rich, fertile ground for data storytelling, so why is it so often neglected in the conversation about data visualization? In this webinar, participants will learn why visualizing qualitative data is important and what is special about visualizing qualitative data. The presenter will share several examples of how to creatively visualize qualitative data and discuss the circumstances that make different methods most effective. Participants will then be invited to ask questions that will help them improve their understanding and practice of visualizing qualitative data.

Presenter: Lydia Hooper

Organization: Lydia Hooper Consultancy

Lydia is a hybrid professional with a decade of experience integrating design, data, and communications to help mission-driven organizations embrace complexity, cultivate clarity, and maximize impact. With an interdisciplinary degree in science communication and media, Lydia has special expertise in collaborating with diverse stakeholders and guiding teams through transformation. She has worked with more than 50 organizations, written articles for numerous publications, and presented at dozens of events.

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